Who can use Storyberry?
Everybody can use Storyberry.
Do I have to pay for telling or listening to memories?
No, there is no payment for telling or listening to memories.
Do I have to create an account to tell or to listen to memories?
You can listen to as many as memories you want to without creating an account. When you decide to record your memory you can log in with your username and password you created on Storyberry. If you don't have an account yet you can sign up with your email address and tell your memory easily.
Where does the name Storyberry come from?
The name Storyberry comes from a Turkish expression used by old people. The Turkish phrase is “Buralar eskiden hep dutluktu.” It could be translated as, “These lands were once full of berry trees.” It refers to the fast urban change in big cities like Istanbul. Storyberry is interested in all memories that took place not only in existing places like patisseries, flower shops, cultural/art centers, passages, parks, schools, etc. but also that took place there which doesn’t exist any more or which exists but has moved to another address. In fact, Storyberry particularly asks you to pin that old location of the place on the map where your memory took place even it doesn’t exist any more or its address has changed and mention the name of the place in your memory :)
What is Storyberry?
Storyberry is a location based voiced memory library where people can tell their memories by recording them from their own voiced and/or listen to the other people’s memories that take place in flower shops, bakeries, patisseries, etc. which remind us the street culture or in passages, stations, parks, galeries, museums etc. where people simply stop, pass or enjoy a cultural activity, by pinning that place on the map.
Why is Storyberry created?
Storyberry is an emotional digital heritage. It keeps the memory of the places alive by using the personal narratives as intangible cultural heritage and lets us listen to each other – even we don’t know the person - with the help of the memories collected automatically in these places where we intersect. How nice it would be to listen to the memories of your grandma after she passed away? Or wouldn’t it be interesting to listen to the memories of a person you don’t know who sits at the same café which has a special meaning for you? Or think of a friend you haven’t seen a while but recorded a memory which you shared together, you would listen to this memory :)
Do I have to create an account to tell a memory?
Yes, when you decide to record a memory you can log in with your username and password you created on Storyberry and type the place where your memory took place on map's search bar, click "TELL" and start recording your memory. If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up with your email address and create a username and a password and tell your memory.
In which languages can I tell my memory?
You will be able to tell your memory in any language you want very soon. To collect lots of memories in every language is one of Storyberry’s purposes :) Because of the moderation limits we can only accept memories in Turkish and English for now.
Please give me some tips to tell my memory in a nice way!
Some tips for you :) 1- Definitely choose a memory which you would enjoy listening too. 2- Interesting memories are usually hidden in your “first”s, “the best”s, “the worst”s, “the most”s, “ever”s, “the _est”s, in your “meetings, dates, encounters”, in “suprise”s, in “journey”s, in those “places, people, things which/who do not exist anymore”, in your “wonder”s, in your “discovery”s. 3- Go through your mind the whole memory before recording it. 4- The incidents in your memory could be familiar only to your familiy or your friends who know you and because of that it could have a meaning but please consider that your memory will be listened by the people who don’t know you. Just avoid disconnections. 5- Please listen to your own memory before sending it to us. Be sure that your memory has a begining and an ending. (First click the “play” button then start telling your memory so that we don’t miss the begining :) Please remember that you have max. 2 min. to tell your memory.) 6- Consider not writing a name for your memory which tells almost everything about the memory :) Find a name which would make others curious :) For the things that you should be careful about you can go to the “Be careful” tag on FAQ and for getting inspiration you can go to the “A bit inspiration” tag on FAQ.
How do I record my memory?
Everything is so easy :) 1- Type the name or the address of the place that your memory took place in the search bar of the map. 2- Click "TELL" button below. 3- Click "the microphone" icon and start telling your memory. Click "Stop" icon when you finish telling. 4- Write a name for your memory. 5- Click the box for us to publish your memory if you accept the terms under "the permission for publishing the voice recording." 6- Click "Send".
How long should a memory last maximum?
A memory should last max. 2 minutes. You can divide your memory in 2 minute sections and send us by writing the name of the memory as “the name of the memory_1", "the name of the memory_2”.
What is a memory? What is not?
Oxford Dictionary – Something remembered from the past; a recollection. Storyberry collects voiced memories; apart from the event sequencies from the past, one of the other main interests of Stoyberry is people’s feelings, emotions, the way they express themselves. Song, poem, gossip, rhyme, riddle, any plain information about a place/thing/person are not memories by themselves and Storyberry is not interested in those but these can take place in a memory; in this case Storyberry accepts the recording.
Do I have to create an account to listen to a memory?
No, there is no acount creation to listen to a memory.
Can I listen to as many as memories?
Go for it :) You can listen to as many memories as you want.
What do I have to do to listen to a memory?
It is sooo easy :) You can write the name or the address of the place you would like to listen to the memories of and then click the pin and click the "play" button and start listening to the recording. Or you can directly navigate on the map and just click a pin and click the "play" button and start listening to the recording.
Does the background noises matter?
If the background noises make the listeners listen to the memory difficult or impossible, then yes, it matters. Because the quality of the content is as important as the content itself for Storyberry. One of our aims is to make sure that our users listen to the best quality contents. Therefore, it would be great if you could listen to your own memory one more time before sending it for publishing.
Can we tell our memory together with friends?
It is very nice that you are having fun while recording your memory but unfortunately this decreases the quality of the content. Therefore, it is required that the memory owner her/himself tells the memory alone in the sense of clarity and sincerity of the content.
I would like to tell more than one memory in 2 minutes; is it OK?
It is required that you tell only one memory at a time which makes it possible for listeners to follow your memory better and also helps us to collect high quality contents. In any case, your memory does not have to last 2 minutes, it can last less.
I cannot tell my memory in 2 minutes; what should I do?
You can divide your memory into 2 minute sections and name your recordings as “the name of your memory_1”, “the name of your memory _2” and publish them like this.
Can I tell a memory that take place at home?
If the house is architecturally valuable or has a particular meaning in this street’s culture, then yes, you can. But please don’t forget; the memories are recorded after you pin that place on the map. We don’t find it very secure to pin your house or other people’s houses on the map. Therefore, Storyberry does not take any responsibility about any possible conflicts.
Why do I have to be careful about not mentioning other people’s names in my memory?
We do understand your desire to share your memory which obviously overlaps your feelings and emotions which Storyberry cares about a lot. But even you don’t make it intentionally, the memory can embarrass, give offense, humiliate the name owner who you mentioned in your memory or the memory itself can be his/her secret. In this case, Storyberry publishes the memory and does not take any responsibilty for any possible conflicts in the future. Storyberry has the right to unpublish the memory after a complaint arrives and sees a right reason.
Please inspire me a bit!
Of course :) * What did you do with your first pocket money? * Where did you meet your first lover, what happened, what did you feel? * Where did your grandparents use to take you when you were little? From where, what did they use to buy you secretely from your parents? What were you thinking about it? * When and where did you meet the most inspiring person in your life? What did s/he tell you? * Where were you in that stormy day? Were you trapped somewhere? How did you make it to home? * While expecting a snow holiday what happened? Which exam did you have on the following day? What happened when it didn’t happen to be a snow holliday? * Where was your first job interview? What ridiculous questions did they ask? What ridiculous answers did you give? * The day you were kept waiting the longest? The day you kept someone waiting the longest? Why did you keep waiting that poor person so long? What happened to you? * Your first plane journey? * Your first holiday without parents? * Where did you eat that cheescake which you have never forgotten? Who brought you there? Who was that important person you brought there? * When you skipped the school where did you go? What did you do? Did you get caught? What happened? * Adventures from secondary school, high school, college? April 1st jokes :) * What interesting happened while you were doing what? What did you feel? And of course there are lots of them more. Now it is your turn to inspire us and tell us a memory :))